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“With teamwork and a shared understanding,
great things can happen.”

Eric Canada introduces his new book Economic Development for the Team and shares its vital impact on growth. For the Team was written to help infuse cohesion in a group and fuel success through a common understanding. Get your copy today!

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Economic Development
for the Team

New Book by Eric P. Canada

Synchronist Annual
Users’ Forum

October 2-4, 2019 – Chicago, IL

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Synchronist Suite

Synchronist is a cloud based platform for managing the mission of your economic development organization.

  • A system of five independent, but related tools
  • Strategically know your clients and create personalized value for them
  • Tame complex projects and business relationships seamlessly
  • Focus limited time and resources on the highest value activities

Client Relationship Management

Synchronist CRM is a tool kit built to create a knowledge base on companies. It is the foundation to the other Synchronist Suite modules, and allows users to easily track and report their work with their clients.

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Prime BR|E

Synchronist Prime® creates a powerful new anchor for a business development organization’s existing industry program. It gives your organization absolute control over existing business information.

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Main Street BR|E

Synchronist Main Street (MS) information is pivotal to enhancing your community’s quality of life. Plus, MS is designed to provide insight into these important sales tax generators and their growth potential.

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Talent Development

Talent/workforce is a central issue, if not the biggest, in business in America. Record numbers of economic development organizations are responding by initiating workforce tactics and working to build a talent strategy. Yet, most of the solutions are supply-side solutions with 3, 5, 20-year fixes: important, but what about NOW!

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Project Tracking

Synchronist Opportunity Manager (OpMgr) is built for economic development’s complex sales and multi-party decision-making in business attraction and expansion. Stay on top of prospects, coordinate and simplify investor and partner accountability reporting with OpMgr.

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Services We Offer

With more than four decades of combined executive leadership at the local, state and regional levels, we’ve implemented the various advisory services we now offer to your organization

Business Retention & Expansion Strategy

A BR|E interview is not an existing business strategy. Our LEAN process helps clients frame the perfect program for the community.

The LEAN Process

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Success is not how much you spend, it is how you spend the money you have. Our proven planning process brings leadership through a shared experience to a custom outcome designed for the community’s circumstances.

Customize Your Strategy

Economic Development Strategy

Vision is the linkage between what is and what could be. Our visioning process forges alignment… within a group of how the future will be described.

What’s Your Vision

Speaking, Training & Public Workshop Facilitation

Blane, Canada excels at providing a structure and principles for the transfer of economic development knowledge. Anyone can string together anecdotes and success stories… we offer more.

Training That Works

Talent Development Strategy

Talent is the top issue impacting economic development today. Our four-prong approach (framing the issue; data for decision making; tactics employed; and roadmap for participation) provides the process for your competitiveness.

Bring the Talent

Cluster Sales Xcelerator

Foster targeted business growth, healthy competition, and joint-ventures. Our new industry cluster strategy is designed to identify, build and support the foundation to a markets economic success, B2B sales.

Let’s Xcelerate

25 Years of Innovation


BlaneCanada Timeline



Books ED4T BookCover

Economic Development for the Team covers the fundamentals of economic development, our clients, programs, and issues. Stories and visuals make concepts relatable. It is packed with terms and a glossary serving as a quick source on the language of the field.

Free Resources BlaneCanada Whitepapers

Over 20+ years, Blane, Canada Ltd. has been a prolific publisher of economic development business retention and expansion as well as economic development marketing white papers.

Featured Publication BRE CoachesPlaybook

The Coach’s Playbook originates from frequently asked BR|E program questions. It covers general principles that can be used by any development professional to “up their game” regardless of the style of their current BR|E program.

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