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Synchronist Prime® creates a powerful new anchor for a business development organization’s existing industry program. It gives your organization absolute control over existing business information.

PLUS, it puts you in a leadership position to manage your community’s economic portfolio. The Synchronist approach fundamentally increases the value of the business retention program by 50% (35.7% average ROI increased to 85.7% average ROI) without a change in process or increase in effort.


Key Benefits

  • Only system in the industry to provide objective insight into each company’s Value, Growth potential, level of Risk, and Satisfaction
  • Researched survey design proven in the field across 350,000+ interviews
  • Proven platform to support all your mission areas – recruitment, workforce, public policy and more

Key Features

  • Ability to add custom questions, specific to your market, with built-in tools
  • Measurable Findings… National, regional, industry – Compare your market to others across more than 100 variables
  • With a single click, results are drawn into comprehensive reports providing all available info on a topic in a single report
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Theory without data is as sterile as data without a theory. The beauty of Synchronist is the balance of theory and supporting data.


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