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Formed in 1983, Blane, Canada Ltd. is an economic development management-advisory firm that exists to assist our clients in realizing their community potential. We equip leaders with tools to understand their current business environment and provide a framework for action.

Our delivery model is one focused on exceptional customer service across four distinct, yet connected, areas:


1. Economic Engineering is a process. A holistic way to set community economic development goals that are measurable, manageable, accountable, and achievable based on broad community participation and consensus. EE is set apart from other approaches in:

  • Extent of community involvement and consensus
  • Range of solutions considered
  • Calculator derived, trackable goal targets
  • Resource anticipation and management
  • Clear understanding of the consequences of inaction.

    2. Advisory services strategically focused in:

    • Business retention & expansion
    • Economic development strategy


    3. Thought leadership to improve our industry and clients’ capabilities to realize their community’s potential

    • Keynote addresses on the latest trends and impacts affecting economic development
    • Published research on proprietary industry data, as well as partnering with other economic development leaders

    By narrowing our focus, engaging in direct client consulting and conducting on-going R&D, we create an environment with more opportunities to innovate. We also have a rich history of published articles sharing what is learned with the profession. As a result, Blane, Canada Ltd. has consistently expanded the discussion and provided unmatched leadership.

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    Our Values

    Values We Practice

    Integrity – honesty and high moral character in all relationships

    Excellence – viewed as exemplary in our products and services

    Innovation – creating something new and of value to our clients

    Positivity – to see the brighter side of situations

    Commitment – to do what we say we are going to do

    Our Promise

    Ease of use of our products and services

    Relevancy of our work to client needs

    Flexible to client needs, yet standardized processes/products based on years of practical experience

    Connection and confidentiality in our products and service offerings

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