Economic Development for the Team

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Economic Development for the Team by Eric P. Canada

Written for the staff, board members, volunteers, partners, and elected officials on your local economic development team

Members of the team interact with the full range of economic development clients. They lead important projects. What they don’t know about economic development can limit or even derail success.

Equally important, Board members and political leaders make decisions that push economic development forward or add drag. Their personal frame of reference for economic development is often narrow or completely lacking.

Team covers the fundamentals of economic development, our clients, programs, and issues. Stories and visuals make concepts relatable. It is packed with terms and a glossary serving as a quick source on the language of the field.

Finally, an economic development resource for the entire team!

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What They're Saying...


“This is perfect. I have a new staff person on marketing who is leaning in and she wants to know about economic development. For The Team answers a lot of her basic questions making her more effective over night!”

Mark James

VP Economic and Business Development, American Electric Power, Economic Development Institute (EDI) Board Member and Curriculum Chair, Columbus, OH

“I need a few personal copies. I am on my second boss that knows nothing about economic development.”


“I need this now! I am new to my position and I have so many questions.”

Angela Rheingans

Executive Director, DeWitt Chamber & Development Company, DeWitt, IA

“Eric Canada has identified and addressed a critical gap in the economic development education structure. No one is thinking about the people behind the executive who do the work day to day. Well done.”

Steven Jast

President, Research on Investment, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

About the Book


Abridged Table of Contents

  • Section 1: The Environment
    • Macro Economics and Economic Development
    • Community
  • Section 2: Economic Development Organization
    • Complex Client Base
    • Planning for the Future
    • Strategies
    • Technology
    • Management
    • Measuring Progress and Performance
  • Section 3: Economic Development Programs
    • Business Attraction
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Economic Gardening
    • Business Retention and Expansion
    • Attraction Marketing and Sales
    • Branding
    • Marketing Models
    • Physics of Marketing
    • Incentives
    • Site Selection
  • Section 4: Product
    • Community Development
    • Room for Growth
    • Workforce Development
  • Section 5: Close
    • Coloring Outside the Lines
    • The Reward
  • Terms and Terminology
    • Acronyms
    • Glossary of Terms

This 4-color, 240-page book is loaded with graphics, real world stories, examples, and tables bringing complicated concepts to life. An extensive reference glossary makes the building blocks of the profession – the acronyms and language of economic development – readily available to every team member.

About the Author

Eric P. Canada, Blane, Canada Ltd. is a recognized leader and innovator (hyper link to timeline) in economic development marketing as well as business retention and expansion (BR|E). A veteran of local, regional, and statewide positions, he began his consulting career in 1994. Today, he brings a fresh perspective to strategy and planning for clients throughout North America.

His first book, Economic Development: Marketing for Results! and Marketer’s Planning Guide, 1995, launched his consulting career as well as the award-winning Synchronist Suite® software designed to help economic developers manage client relationships, business retention and expansion, business attraction, and workforce development programs.

He has published 8 significant research papers on BR|E and economic development marketing.

Over 15,000 economic development professionals and community leaders have attended his workshops. He has taught at International Economic Development Council, Economic Development Institute, Seven Basic Courses, Business Retention Expansion International, Community Development Institute as well as the University of Southern Mississippi’s Masters economic development course.

Canada publishes the Economic Development Newsletter, 13 Tips and distributes news via Twitter: @edmarketingpro.

Pre-Publication Discounts until
July 9th, 2018

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