Economic Development for the Team


This 4-color, 240-page book is loaded with graphics, real world stories, examples, and tables bringing complicated concepts to life. An extensive reference glossary makes the building blocks of the profession – the acronyms and language of economic development – readily available to every team member.

Members of the team interact with the full range of economic development clients. They lead important projects. What they don’t know about economic development can limit or even derail success.

Written for the staff, board members, volunteers, partners, and elected officials on your local economic development team.

Team covers the fundamentals of economic development, our clients, programs, and issues. Stories and visuals make concepts relatable. It is packed with terms and a glossary serving as a quick source on the language of the field. Equally important, Board members and political leaders make decisions that push economic development forward or add drag. Their personal frame of reference for economic development is often narrow or completely lacking.

Finally, an economic development resource for the entire team!

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