The Marketer’s Planning Guide

The Most Powerful Fundraising Tool is a Compelling Marketing Plan

The Marketer’s Planning Guide lays out a framework for ACTION!

The Marketer’s Planning Guide is a self-directed marketing planning workbook designed specifically for economic development. This step-by-step process draws on the principles of Economic Development Marketing for Results! laying out critical marketing questions that form a framework for decision-making. By answering these questions, you’ll identify marketing issues, goals, priorities, activities, and resources that help provide an organized structure for crafting a marketing plan.

The Marketer’s Planning Guide empowers developers to overcome the urgency addiction and achieve what is truly important for development in the community or region. Establish consensus using the Guide’s group involvement tools, and build a more powerful, more thorough, and more influential marketing plan.

Enhanced support is provided through:

  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Reproducible Forms
  • Group Involvement Tools

These aids are invaluable, engaging volunteers and staff to gather pertinent information and focus discussions needed to address external and internal marketing. These tools help organize information to make the important decisions that lead to marketing success.


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