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The best marketing strategy and perfect execution has little chance of success…without a solid understanding of the physics of marketing.

Marketing is a dynamic process. The Physics of economic development marketing follow distinct stages with definable boundaries. As boundaries are crossed, marketing changes. Tactics change – form and function – as you move through the process. In the opening-game the focus is on visibility. The potential audience is broadly defined. The message is general. The only purpose of the opening game: cause someone in the target audience to raise their hand and express an interest in the product. Bang! Now, everything changes.

Success is not how much you spend, it is how you spend the money you have. Our proven planning process brings leadership through a shared experience to reach a custom outcome designed for the community’s circumstances. Equally importantly, Blane, Canada is not an advertising, web design, or PR firm. We do not have a vested interest in tactical choices beyond their ability to achieve the economic development objectives of the client. The marketing plan is not a “loss leader” given away to justify a service. Blane, Canada does not solve challenges with predetermined solutions. Our services are built around our clients’ needs, not our “stock products”.

To teach is to truly understand a topic.

“Physics” is based on years of experience on the frontline of economic development, our work as a top management advisor to economic development organizations, and research. Our book, Marketing for Results! And subsequent workshops introduced economic developers to the principles of B2B marketing well before the term became fashionable. Blane, Canada Ltd.’s publication and training are known for the quality of the content as well as an engaging style. Over 15,600 economic development professional and community leaders have participated in one or more of our courses, workshops, webinars, or seminars.

“That one-half day of coaching you gave me provided the basis for what became the state’s marketing strategy. Now, I am using the same principles you provided here to take this program to the next level.”

“The marketing strategy you created for our community has now become the template for how-to promoted by the State. Thank you.”

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