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The value of newsletters has diminished dramatically with the advent of broadcast email and blogging software. Delete, delete, delete is the typical reaction. When we styled Blane, Canada newsletter 13 Tips—formerly Economic Development Marketing Letter—in 1994 we focused on pointed 4-5 lines (Twitter copied this style from us!), providing information that adds value and broadened perspectives.

December 2018 – The Elusive Pprogressive Economic Development Strategist

~~~Looking for the elusive progressive economic development strategist We have been working a fascinating manufacturing project over the last six months. Looking for the person who can handle a high-impact, blue ocean strategy. A similar hunt years ago took 18 months to find a small group of progressives. What we find is an abundant supply of traditionalist who use their mission statement as blinders blocking peripheral vision and true opportunity. Who are you? The traditionalist or the progressive. Is your style holding you and your organization back?

December 2018 – Strategic Doing News

~~~Strategic Doing News If you are frustrated with the limitations of strategic planning, you may be interested in the Strategic Doing approach which presents an alternative for economic development organizations. For more information follow the LinkedIn Group “Strategic Doing” or connect with the Agility Lab or Ed Morrison directly.

December 2018 – Where is the innovation?

Where is the innovation in your economic development effort? Here at Blane, Canada Ltd., we thrive on “lateral thinking” and have a history of innovation in economic development marketing and BR|E. Check the evidence or call for information on the next trend we will be starting (Hint, Existing Business Web Presence!)

December 2018 – Curse of Expertise

~~~Curse of Expertise Too much invested in expertise creates an unintentional bias, limiting innovation. (Psychology, Behavioral Economics); Experts are at the bottom of the hole frantically digging to maintain the “advantage” of their expertise, limiting innovation (Ed DeBono); Cartoon, Job applicant “12 years of experience, blah, blah “. Executive thought bubble 1 year of experience 12 times

December 2018 – Debunking Trade Myths

~~~Debunking trade myths For at least the past 20 years, policy makers, politicians, pundits, and voters in mature markets have worried that their countries are losing ground—above all, in manufacturing—to emerging economies. It’s important to ground the debate on the impact of trade in the truth. A 2012 report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) examined conventional wisdom surrounding globalization: for example, mature economies are losing out to emerging ones in trade and therefore face rising trade deficits, manufactured goods are mainly responsible for them, and trade is the principal reason for the loss of manufacturing jobs in developed economies. False, false, false. See through these widespread misconceptions about how economies create and destroy manufacturing and service jobs. Read “Trading myths: Addressing misconceptions about trade, jobs, and competitiveness”

December 2018 – Mix-up Your Play List

~~~Mix-up your play list check out Gulch radio, Jerome, AZ. Gulch radio has become a late-night favorite here at Blane, Canada. Where we appreciate “Mountain Stranded Time.” Recommended by friend Peter Myall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

December 2018 – Battery High / Brain Low

~~~Battery high / Brain low A recent study from the University of Texas found that merely having your phone within reach can significantly reduce cognitive capacity—even if it’s turned off. As one of the researchers behind the study put it, your phone is a “brain drain.”

December 2018 – Self-Driving Cars + Data

~~~Think about this “All the talk about self-driving cars is really about how they (giant tech companies) can monetize the time we spend in our vehicles.” Quote: Alex Roy, auto writer, The Future of Driving, Hagerty Magazine, May-June. Yet another instance of turning people into data slaves.

October 2018 – You Must Be Important

~~~Busy? You MUST be important According to research in Harvard Business Review, Americans value the perception of being busy so much that we now use it to determine status. The busier you are, the more important and powerful you must be. Researchers theorize this may be a by-product of the shift to a knowledge-intensive economy. Or, maybe we just don’t want to be seen as lazy. Source HBR article

October 2018 – Develop This! Podcasts

~~~New kid on the block Develop This! An economic development podcast co-hosted by Ð Dennis Fraise, CEcD and Jason Hutcheson, CEcD, working economic developers. Develop This! has a growing collection of real-world, economic development topics. I especially liked: BR|E by way of a World Record, #15; Negotiating CEO Employment Agreement, #16; Investing in your Knowledge base with Mary Ann Moon, #22. Check out this new personal development resource.

October 2018 – Ripple Effect of Leading

~~~Ripple effect “I am very interested in reading Economic Development for the Team. I heard you talk at a conference nearly 20 years ago. At the time a friend of mine had just been elected mayor and I was elected alderman. He put me in charge of economic development. After the conference I read your book (Economic Development: Marketing for Results!) and from that start we ended up four years later with an industrial park, a full time E D director and a couple of pretty big infrastructure projects. This all led to significant job growth (for our small town).” Craig Wetter, IL. Bottom line, you may never know the impact you have from an action you take today. Be your best every day. You too are impacting lives! Eric

October 2018 – Driving Change in a Fluid Environment

~~~”Driving Change in a Fluid Environment” the keynote address at the upcoming Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO) annual conference will be delivered by our own Eric P. Canada. The keynote will address the 5 steps to become a “masters of change” in economic development. Lessons drawn from Economic Development for the Team. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, January 29th-31, 2019

October 2018 – Brain Churn Produces Results

~~~Inbox: Brain Churn This jumped out at me from the 13 Tips (June, 2018): Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate. Jon Bon Jovi “Passion is one of the three Ps that have slowly distilled themselves as my personal touchstone – Passion, Purpose, Pack (it started out as People, but having People isn’t the same as my dog, Pack.) Someone to be responsible for and to you). Having one P in your life fulfills a need, two is a blessing, three is fulfillment. None is being lost.” “No P is primary, no P secondary. As I was squeezing the Ps out of my brain, I realized there was something else in the 13 tips about writing and asking questions, so I went back and found Tip # 8 – Interesting thing about writing… The three Ps have bounced around in my head for a long while. They were born out of “where you are, what are you doing and who are you with” as a measure of happiness/fulfillment/what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here. But this is the first time I have tried to distill it and it wasn’t easy. No research involved, but a lot of brain churn.” As always Eric, thanks for churning my brain. Long-time reader and friend, Brad Apland, Chicago, Illinois

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