~~~The little experiment that DIDÉ 23 years ago, a small, international band of visionaries quietly came together to reimagine the business retention interview. As they worked, they challenged old assumptions and traditional perspectives. In the end, they successfully 1) Applied competitive intelligence (psychology, question design, information outcomes, analytics) to the BR|E interview; 2) Demonstrated the importance of context to analysis of local findings – national and regional benchmarks; 3) Evaluated company risk from 3600 perspective instead of the classic 1200 view (community), and, 4) Calculated an asset value of each company interviewed to aid in resource allocation. It is not about the data. These visionaries were focused on getting more from the process of BR|E. These goals form the backbone of Synchronist Suite and are still at the cutting edge of applied BR|E strategy. If you are among the 73% of economic developers looking to elevate your BR|E program, call Eric: 630-936-8078.