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Blane/Canada Ltd. has consistently provided us with time-tested tactics and advice, as well as new, cutting-edge tools and strategies for business retention and expansion. What’s refreshing, however, is that Eric and his team won’t give you the “flavor of the month” in economic development. Candid feedback, smart ideas, new concepts/technology, and real results are the norm.
– Dan McDonald, Greater Dubuque Development Corp. IA 
Thanks for the contact and suggestion.  Once again you are thinking outside the box & furthering the cause.
Vickie Davanzo, formerly FirstEnergy, OH

Thank you for all for your great input and insights. Love the idea of creating a “Try Stuff” line item in budget. Sounds like great way to take some risks without having to sacrifice core mission deliverables.
Ian Vasey, Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corp., TX

I am traveling right now so will not be able to review your metrics suggestions until I return to the office. But, I feel certain this will give us great info and help focus our ideas. As usual, thank you very much for being available!! 
Kristi M. Lumpkin, formerly Louisiana Department of Economic Development

I have been reading Eric’s research and publications since early-on in my career. When our organization agreed to partner with Blane Canada Ltd. to launch on a provincial strategy, I was thrilled to learn from such an established expert.
Dallas Gislason, formerly Enterprise Saskatchawan, CANADA 

As usual, you get right to the heart of the matter and make sense out of information that sometimes seems fuzzy. This will help me as I try to formulate my ideas. I appreciate your willingness to always be accessible and helpful.
 Stephen G. Sparks, formerly Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, TN

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