Cluster Sales Xcelerator

Everything begins with a sale. 

Demand for products and services is the only thing that creates or retains jobs. Period.

The Cluster Sales Xcelerator Strategy focuses on the community’s best entrepreneurs… those running successful companies who sell to other business outside the community. These successful executives / entrepreneurs have proven business models, quality products, clients, cash flow, and a desire to grow.

The Cluster Xcelerator Strategy leverages the untapped capacity of employers engaged in B2B sales to deliver on economic development goals: jobs retained, jobs created, economic diversification, while creating national market visibility for the community.


This new concept is not for traditionalist. It is a pro-active, high-impact, business development strategy. Blane, Canada has now built two working networks on this concept. We are now looking for a location to establish a full-scale program. This is a plug-n-play proposition. Working with a host organization – we build, launch, and manage the program through the 3 year launch phase. The program becomes self-funding in the later stages of the launch. At that point, the program can be rolled into the organization as a revenue generator or spun out as an independent organization.
Cluster Sales Xcelerator Strategy “There’s no shortage of incubators and accelerators to help fledgling venture get off the ground. But, there’s not much of a support system for more mature, small companies with proven business models. Helping increase sales at these kinds of enterprises does more for economic developmentthan promoting startups or luring large corporations with tax breaks.”

Blane, Canada can help you build a competitive advantage around these forgotten entrepreneurs.

Quote: Bloomberg, Scaling Up is Hard to Do

Successful Entrepreneurs + Sales Xcelerator
= Economic Development Success

Jobs Retained

Jobs Created
Growing Companes
Business Diversification
Local Economic Stimulation

Helping companies sell has always been in the economic development playbook as export promotion, government procurement, and economic gardening. But, these cost center approaches have always been too expensive to gain momentum or sustain. That changes with the self-sustaining, Cluster Sales Xcelerator model that can produce an ROI of 10x for business participants and the community.

This program is designed for progressive economic development strategist. It is not for the average economic development organization.

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Built on Blane, Canada’s track record of innovation.

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