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Synchronist Suite comes to a close

It is with sad hearts that we announced that Synchronist Suite will cease operation on December 31st, 2022. This extremely difficult decision is necessary for two primary reasons which make the economics of a small, independent services like Synchronist impossible to manage.

The Market Changed

Economic Development Organizations’ have been moving to CRM system to consolidate investment, events, communications functions, program and reporting on a single platform. Decisions are made at the organization level. Programs/Departments like economic development and business retention specifically have had to adjust to the capabilities of the organizational CRM.

IT Professionals Changed

With COVID, there has been a very significant decline in the availability of IT professionals and a dramatic increase in the cost of programming talent.

We set out to make a difference and we did. We:
  • Taught 2 generations of young professionals the art and benefit of BR|E.
  • Helped BR|E document its value to the organization and the community.
  • Cataloged the value of each interviewed company as an economic asset.

All the while, Synchronist pushed the profession forward scoring many firsts as noted in the Synchronist Timeline below.

Thank you for your loyalty and support
over the past 22 years.

Eric Canada CEO Blane, Canada Ltd.
and Ken Poole, CEO CREC

“Through Synchronist, you did so much to make economic development, especially BR|E more professional.
Thank you!”

Iowa User

“We definitely have realized the importance of this valuable tool for informing ourselves and our leadership!”

Indiana User

“I credit your User’s Forum, and the questions included in your survey instrument for helping me understand how to make BR|E work effectively.”

Wyoming User

“As you know we were dedicated Synchronist users and are disappointed that it can’t be continued. I will leave Synchronist under protest.”

Ontario User

“It was a great tool for us and our partners.  Same is true for others around the country!”

IL Regional User

“I am very sorry to hear we are losing Synchronist. It was invaluable to our organization.”

Iowa User

The Synchronist® Software Story

BlaneCanada Timeline Synchronist

Synchronist Business Information System is a registered Trademark of Blane, Canada Ltd.

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