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Client Relationship Management

Synchronist CRM is a tool kit built to create a knowledge base on companies. It is the foundation to the other Synchronist Suite modules, and allows users to easily track and report their work with their clients. Synchronist CRM competes against a host of other standard CRM programs. While these CRMs are highly flexible, they are built for one-on-one sales transactions and not the complex relationships of economic development – including analytics, reporting and benchmarking important to the mission of chambers of commerce and economic development organizations.

Manage thousands of records with or without BR|E interviews. Not all CRMs are created with the DNA to truly support the business development work you are charged with doing. Starting with Synchronist CRM provides the foundation for all your programming.

Key Benefits

  • Synchronist CRM is integrated with all our software modules; providing you company and contact data to manage your business portfolio
  • Track the most pressing issues your companies are facing
  • Develop and track the critical goals of your organization
  • Mobile Apps allow access to companies/contacts and issue tracking from anywhere
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Key Features

  • Direct path navigation allows movement anywere within Synchronist with a single click
  • One-click reporting on pending and completed work your team and partners are doing on behalf of your market’s companies
  • Dynamically search and run reports on groups of individuals or companies
  • Outlook Plugin to easily move emails right into your company/project files
Our single purpose programs were good, but having our information spread across multiple programs has always been a headache.  With Synchronist we are consolidating our core economic development data.  This is a REAL advantage.

So, I just spent the last 4 days building a prospect-tracking tool you already have in OpMgr? Salesforce is very easy to customize, but I realized I was going too deep. I was changing and adjusting things that don’t matter. Creating fields I probably won’t use. I avoid all of this with Synchronist, which is designed around what I do.

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