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Synchronist Suite reinvented the business retention interview almost 20 years ago. Then, we built software to simplify data management. Now, 8 software generations later, Synchronist still provides tools and capabilities that give development professionals unprecedented insight into their local businesses as well as community economic potential. Insights that drive decision-making and resource allocation.


Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Synchronist CRM is a tool kit built to create a knowledge base on companies. It is the foundation to the other Synchronist Suite modules, and allows users to easily track and report their work with their clients.

Synchronist CRM competes against a host of other standard CRM programs. While these CRMs are highly flexible, they are built for one-on-one sales transactions and not the complex relationships of economic development – including analytics, reporting and benchmarking important to the mission of chambers of commerce and economic development organizations.

Main St. BR | E

The quality of a market’s retail, education, health care, arts/culture and other local services are a key decision factor for corporate investments and a critical factor in the battle for worker attraction and retention.

Synchronist Main Street (MS) information is pivotal to enhancing your community’s quality of life. Plus, MS is designed to provide insight into these important sales tax generators and their growth potential.



Prime BR | E

Synchronist Prime® creates a powerful new anchor for a business development organization’s existing industry program. It gives your organization absolute control over existing business information.

Synchronist Prime® bundles advanced business retention strategies, sophisticated interview design, assistance tracking/service delivery management, competitive intelligence, intranet/extranet and database technology (software), BR|E resource library, and a community of committed users all working together to maximize the value of their BR|E investment.

Opportunity Manager

Synchronist Opportunity Manager (OpMgr) is built for economic development’s complex sales and multi-party decision-making in business attraction and expansion.

Stay on top of prospects, coordinate and simplify investor and partner accountability reporting with OpMgr.

Talent Development

Synchronist Talent fills this information gap. Synchronist Talent taps into the depths of the skill gap issue, hiring challenges, on boarding, and worker retention issues employers’ face today. It separates real from perceived issues. It identifies best practices in your marketplace. It pinpoints opportunities to provide value added solutions now.

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