March 2019 – Belief

~~~ÒBelief is aboutÉ collecting ideas and investing in them. Faith is about having your ideas obliterated and having nothing to hang onto and trusting that itÕs going to be all right anyway.Ó Source: Barbara Hall

March 2019 – Staying Relevant

~~~The hard work required to stay relevantÉ My keynote address to the Economic Development Council of Ontario (EDCO), in Toronto, CANADA focused on the connection between our sense of client, our tribe, and living at the edge (of change). Operating at the intersection...

March 2019 – Leadership style and success

~~~Your leadership style and successÉ in keeping your organization relevant is determined by your answer to a single question: I was hired to; a) to lead the economic development program (or department) or, b) to grow the local economy. So, what is it?

March 2019 – Director of Business Intelligence

~~~JAXUSA PartnershipÕs Senior Director of Business IntelligenceÉ Melonie Moore plays a similar role in Jacksonville, FL. We hope this is a new trend. Knowledge of the client(s) is a key element of keeping our organizations relevant when technology and communications...