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Synchronist Suite® reinvented the business retention interview almost 20 years ago. Then, we built software to simplify data management. Now, 8 software generations later, Synchronist still provides tools and capabilities that give development professionals unprecedented insight into their local businesses as well as community economic potential. Insights that drive decision-making and resource allocation.

Synchronist has established exacting standards that have not been met by anyone else in the industry: Interview, Interview Validation, Objective Analysis, Predictive Analysis, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Utilizing Synchronist for BR|E Interviews

Discover how Synchronist tools can be used as a template for your next BR|E interview.

Synchronist Post-COVID-19:

Two Important Changes

The Synchronist User Development Team has worked to reshape the Synchronist interview to be sensitive to the current COVID climate. Built on the shoulders of the original Synchronist interview, we have removed questions that are out of sync in the current environment. The number of COVID specific questions has been intentionally limited. The interview is designed around the traditional one-on-one interview process, in-person, online meeting, or phone call.

Business Retention and Expansion

In COVID, we confirmed a known fact: our audience is much larger than we can ever reach with one-on-one interviews. Therefore, the 2nd change is the addition of a new Synchronist BR|E Screening Tool. The SST allows users to reach out to companies beyond our normal personal interview reach to identify individual companies that should get personal attention. Data from online survey responses flows back into the Synchronist database as part of the company record where it can be analyzed and reported.

In both cases, we are applying what we learned from the BR|E Emergency Response Network work to extend our reach and maximize our impact.

Why Go It Alone?

Today’s sophisticated contact management programs can be modified to do almost anything – at a cost. And, while it is exciting to have control, the end result does not always match the vision and may fall short of the need when the time and money run out. Custom more often than not means added cost, delays, and frustration.

Synchronist Suite® is the original and only crowd sourced economic development software. Users benefit from the input of hundreds of economic development professionals just like you. Working with Synchronist every day, these economic development professionals identify and suggest refinements or additions that result in a constantly improving, more powerful tool for every userdelivered with each loginat no additional cost.

 With Synchronist you are part of a community of users all who want to be efficient, effective, and successful. Benefit from the wisdom of the crowd.

Thank you for all of your leadership on this (COVID Emergency Response Survey). And, thank you for what you have done for us to put us in a leadership position in our community.



We sincerely appreciate the great work you are doing to assist with the national COVID mitigation. We are following you closely and are thankful for your leadership.



Online, user friendly tools for economic development

An elegant solution to the challenge of managing economic development’s core programs.

Key Benefits

  • Modular design that is fully integrated- plug in modules add functionality as it is needed quickly, efficiently, and within budget
  • Automatic updates for all users, no waiting, no added costs
  • Emergency Response survey tool and system to support you if a disaster happens
  • Researched survey questions with ability to add custom questions

Key Features

  • Only system with ability to compare your results with that of other markets
  • One license fee. No additional costs to add users
  • Highly defined system access and security levels based on user need
  • Join a powerful community of users for support and counsel when you need it
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It is hard to get excited about changing something that you don’t know is broken – until you see the difference the Synchronist System can make in responding to media requests and negative articles in the media.

D.M., Iowa

When I applied for this job, the review committee members were especially impressed with the existing business information we had developed in my previous position using the Synchronist System.

L.P., Kansas

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