The Wit & Wisdom of an Economic Developer


By Maury Forman  •  Illustrations by Milt Priggee

The Wit and Wisdom of an Economic Developer is a compilation of articles and blogs written by Maury Forman, over his 26 years with the Washington Department of Commerce. The book is a clever and poignant commentary for community and economic developers that includes at least 300 ideas, many of which are written as Top Ten ideas for communities. The book is complemented by over 40 original illustrations by Milt Priggee, an award-winning editorial cartoonist for numerous publications. This book is a great read for both humor and ideas for practitioners that want to stimulate their economy and have fun doing it.

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Book Reviews

“Maury Forman is a troubadour for helping communities grow and prosper. He conveys practical and important information with humor and passion. Besides that, he’s a darn funny guy!”
Mark Barbash, Professional Development Chair of the Ohio Economic Development Association

“Maury’s insights into rural economic development and entrepreneurship distill otherwise arcane prescriptions into something we can all take to the bank. Rural practitioners, and well, just about everyone else will profit from his wit and wisdom.”
Jon M. Roberts, Principal of TIP Strategies

“Maury nails it! For years I have admired his work, and he does not disappoint with this new book. His ability to blend fun with cartoons, with what is a serious issue that communities need to be successful in economic development, is the best I have seen. Prepare to laugh and be energized with a can-do spirit once you read this book.”
Dale Wheeldon, President and CEO of the British Columbia Economic Development Association