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It’s more than a job.

This work you have chosen is how you personally tweak the community’s economic engine to maximize performance.

Our job is to make your job easier. This series of videos gives you access to our full Synchronist training curriculum on your schedule. They were recorded live during regular monthly training sessions. Over the coming months, we will be adding quick 2-4 minute how-to videos to dig into specific tasks.

We hope you find this resource valuable. Let us know what you think!

Getting Started with Synchronist

Helpful How-To Videos for Using Synchronist Suite

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Synchronist Interview: A Guided Conversation

Utilizing Synchronist tools as a template for your next BR|E interview

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An Overview of Synchronist Suite

This overview gives you a sense of what Synchronist includes, a full suite of tools for the economic development community.

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Adding & Editing Contacts

Learn the 3 simple ways to add new contacts in Synchronist Suite

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Adding or Editing a Company Record

Nothing can be saved without a Company record — learn how it works!

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Add or Edit Interview Record

Learn how to add new interview records or make updates to them

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Tips for Utility and Community Questions

Getting started with Synchronist

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Company & Contact IDs

Learn how to allow Company and Contact IDs to be identified or tagged with a specific group

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Adding & Editing User Accounts

License administrators can add or remove individual operators in Synchronist

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Grant Coordination with Synchronist

Learn how to coordination the American Rescue Grant with your Synchronist account

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Synchronist Company Type: Prime vs. Main Street

Learn how to properly assign your company types within Synchronist

Video Library

Driving Visible Value: The Synchronist Client Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

The Business Retention Modules: Adding, Editing, and Managing Interview Information


Synchronist Actions: Utilizing Notes, Service Requests, Reminders and Metrics

Accessing Information via Reports and Data Exports

Interviewer Tips and Tricks to Maximize Value

Telling Your Story with Synchronist Data

Managing Growth Opportunities with Opportunity Manager (OpMgr)

Synchronist Talent Webinar: Keys to the Workforce Challenge

X-Tool: Turning Information into Influence and Action

Driving Visible Value: Main Street


Metrics for Results, Status, and Progress

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