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economic engineering

Transformational economic development is possible with the right mindset and process. EE is not a strategic plan, it is a vehicle to transform a community’s economic future.

Cluster Sales Xcelerator

Foster targeted business growth, healthy competition, and joint-ventures. Our new industry cluster strategy is designed to identify, build and support the foundation to a markets economic success, B2B sales.

Business Retention & Expansion

A BR|E interview is not an existing business strategy. Our LEAN process helps clients frame the perfect program for the community.

Resources & Publications

Economic Development for the Team covers the fundamentals of economic development, our clients, programs, and issues. Stories and visuals make concepts relatable. It is packed with terms and a glossary serving as a quick source on the language of the field.

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From Our Clients

Blane/Canada Ltd. has consistently provided us with time-tested tactics and advice, as well as new, cutting-edge tools and strategies for business retention and expansion. Candid feedback, smart ideas, new concepts and technology, and real results are the norm.

Daniel McDonald

Director of Existing Business , Greater Dubuque Development Corp. IA

Thank you for all for your great input and insights. Love the idea of creating a “Try Stuff” line item in budget. Sounds like great way to take some risks without having to sacrifice core mission deliverables.

Ian Vasey

Director of Development Services, City of Klamath Falls

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