VIRTUAL Business Retention Conference +
Annual Users’ Forum

Forum October 20th, 1-5 PM
Conference October 21st – 22nd

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The Business Retention + Growth Conference is a new, virtual event designed for economic development and business retention executive.

This virtual conference is about maximizing the value of YOUR existing business program, business growth dynamics, and understanding the forces buffeting businesses today. Participants will virtually network with peers, share best practices, and interact with experts.

Business Retention | Growth Conference
Why Attend?

Hear from Joe Raso, President/CEO of Greater Fargo-Moorhead EDC, about why you should attend the upcoming Business Retention + Growth Conference hosted by CREC & Blane Canada

Who Should Attend?

Conference participants will include the full range of individuals involved in the existing business program. They are direct users and indirect users of the software. Experience ranges from months to many years.

  • BR|E program managers
  • Management team members
  • Interview teams
  • Software administrators
  • Research directors


Representing: Economic Development • Chamber of Commerce • Workforce Development • Local government • Public utilities • State government

Learn from the successes of peers, as well as from their mistakes.

    Synchronist Suite® Annual Users’ Forum

    The Synchronist® Users’ Forum (Pre-conference) is the annual gathering of the Synchronist community. This year, the virtual Forum will separate technical discussions on the Synchronist software, how-to discussions, what-if scenarios, and future developments from the general business retention content to follow in the public conference. At the Forum, users will also network other users and discuss on-going research projects. Then, joining the larger business conference will allow cross-referencing with others to learn about broader business retention and business growth issues.

    Synchronist UsersForum

    Register Today!

    Our Synchronist Users’ Forum + Business Retention Conference will be held online from
    October 20-22, 2021.
    Starting at $450 per attendee

    Questions? Email

    NOTE: This event has been converted to a VIRTUAL event and any updated information regarding this shift will be communicated to attendees in their confirmation email.

    Why go it alone? Synchronist is different because of community.

    We are a community of users working together to advance individually.

    This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. We are beginning to get some traction surrounding BR|E and the resources shared by other users will be most helpful!!


    Thank you for a great User’s Forum! It truly was the best industry meeting I’ve attended in term of content and relevance.

    CS, CA

    Charlie told me it would be like drinking from a fire hose. He was right. The Forum was fast paced and excellent. This gives me the big picture. I can see how the individual interviews fit in.

    EL, TX

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