~~~By definition… Use your platform to say something no one else is saying. Be bold, confrontational, and thought-provoking. Make predictions, challenge assumptions and slaughter the sacred cows. Don’t be afraid of being wrong. If you’re not wrong sometimes, you’re not really doing the critical thinking required to be a thought leader. There is no advantage in being the reporter, the thought follower, or the retweeter. For example, in 1994, we stated in this newsletter: “Business retention programs that fail to gather predictive data are only 40% effective. Satisfaction and future plans are only a small part of what should be gathered during a retention visit/survey. Competitive intelligence experts use information to predict the behavior of companies. Using these same techniques, development professionals can identify companies at risk even before management knows.” Now we have 20 years of historical Synchronist data and national benchmarks proving the value of applying predictive analytics in BR|E. https://www.blanecanada.com/product_synchronist_benefits.html

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