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Formed in 1983, Blane, Canada Ltd. is an economic development management-advisory firm that exists to assist our clients in realizing their community potential. We equip leaders with tools to understand their current business environment and provide a framework for action.

Eric Canada

Eric Canada


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Eric Canada, CEO, Blane, Canada Ltd., has worked with communities throughout the U.S. and Canada on a variety of economic development projects including: market research, marketing strategy and planning, competitive assessment, and industry analysis. He has also led development teams in the assessment of numerous community and organization SWOT analyses. In total, Eric has completed evaluations of marketing and sales programs for more than 60 U.S. economic development organizations.

Eric began his economic development career in southern Indiana where he developed an industrial park and attracted the park’s first two tenants. He worked for the Waukegan, IL Chamber of Commerce prior to joining the Illinois State Chamber.

Eric facilitates, educates, and motivates client groups. He frequently works with groups for information gathering, planning, decision-making and consensus building. Over 15,000 economic development professionals and community leaders have attended his workshops. He has taught at International Economic Development Council, Economic Development Institute, Seven Basic Courses, Business Retention Expansion International, Community Development Institute as well as the University of Southern Mississippi’s Masters economic development course.

Eric’s invaluable experience, work ethic, and enthusiasm for innovation encapsulate success.

  • Created the Synchronist Business Information System© (cloud based software for EDOs) from concept to implementation and through to general use in economic development.
  • Created a standardized business assessment methodology based on proprietary algorithm (patented) to peg a company’s Value and Satisfaction.
  • Invented proprietary algorithm (patented) to predict a company’s Growth potential and Risk of leaving or downsizing.
  • Established North American benchmarks (Key Performance Indicators) for business retention and expansion where none existed before.
  • Conducted multiple marketing benchmark studies for leading economic development organizations using comparative information continually updated since 1997.
  • He has published 8 significant research papers on BR|E and economic development marketing.

Eric’s publications include:

His two-day professional courses on the principles and techniques
of economic development marketing and sales include:

  • Physics of Marketing
  • “Advanced Marketing and Complex Sales”
  • “Business Expansion | Retention | Development: Adding Value to Existing Industry Programs”
  • “Selling in an Economic Development Environment”
  • Advanced Business Retention: Beyond the Basics
Joe Raso

Joe Raso


630.462.9222 x701

Joe Raso is president of Blane, Canada Ltd. In 2016, his first year with the organization, Raso led the development of the nation’s first analytical tool aimed at demand-driven workforce development – known as Synchronist Talent.  In 2017, Raso worked with the skilled IT team to structure a fully updated version of the organization’s industry-leading software – Synchronist Suite. Synchronist 8.0 was released in January 2018, and provides a full spectrum of CRM, existing industry, talent, and project management software tools.

Prior to his current position, he spent more than twenty-years providing CEO leadership to four private non-profit economic development, Main Street and chamber of commerce organizations in Colorado and Iowa.

Tammy Mair

Tammy Mair

Vice President of Software Engineering

630.462.9222 x702

Tammy Mair is Vice President of Software Engineering.  Pairing her degree in Marketing and Masters in Information Systems, she is able to work with both the business and technical sides of the organization.  Utilizing her extensive experience in the technology world, she is the lead developer for all Synchroninst Suite products, which employ multiple programming languages.  While working within the full systems development life cycle, she also has the current responsibilities:

  • Leads development of all Synchronist Suite products
  • Creating and implementing Web Services
  • UI/UX
  • Graphic design
  • Network administrator
  • Azure administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Project manager
  • Data conversions
  • Account manager
  • QA testing
  • Level 3 technical support
  • Research new technologies and implement into architecture
Monika Mardula

Monika Mardula

Software Developer

630.462.9222 x703

Monika Mardula has been a team member of Blane, Canada Ltd. since 2005. As software developer, she focuses her energies on software programming, web design, web programming and software maintenance. Working for a .com company as a web programmer further articulated her software knowledge. Monika has experience working with multiple programming languages.

Ashley Payne

Ashley Payne

Chief Financial Officer

630.462.9222 x704

As the Chief Financial Officer of Blane, Canada, Ashley Payne manages all financial responsibilities including banking relationships, client accounts, accounts payable, payroll, investments, accounting, and financial reporting. Ashley also works closely with client relations, public relations, communications, program development, event and meeting planning.

Ashley has an eclectic professional background in direct sales, business development, recruiting, sales team management. Ashley Payne has been a team member of Blane, Canada Ltd. since 2007.

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