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The value of newsletters has diminished dramatically with the advent of broadcast email and blogging software. Delete, delete, delete is the typical reaction. When we styled Blane, Canada newsletter 13 Tips—formerly Economic Development Marketing Letter—in 1994 we focused on pointed 4-5 lines (Twitter copied this style from us!), providing information that adds value and broadened perspectives.

February 2017 – Would you apply

~~~Would you apply… if you knew the names of job applicants for an CEO position in economic development would be published? The newspaper editor in Amarillo, TX argues the public has a right to know “because of the importance the position has in guiding an organization with a multimillion-dollar budget funded largely by sales tax revenue.” The publisher wanted to publish the names of applicants midstream during the selection process. The Texas Attorney General sided with the publisher’s FOIA request in a decision dated February 3rd, after the selection process concluded. Feb 11th, a month after the new CEO was announced, the editor published the list of applicants. Based on comments from a few recruiters, there are a few issues:

Public is fine if all candidates know this when they submit. But, you cannot change the rules in the middle of the process.

Good, qualified candidates will not risk a good, secure position to look at an opportunity if their name will be published as a candidate.

Publishing the list at the end of the process only hurts those individuals who were blindsided by the late freedom of information request.

January 2017 – Just in case

~~~Just in case you missed it… the word of 2016 was Agile. We predict it will be wildly overused in 2017-2018. Have you already integrated it into your active vocabulary?

February 2017 – Warning

~~~WARNING!… Highly Effective Gmail Phishing Technique Being Exploited. The phishing technique steals login credentials that have a wide impact, even on experienced users. Consider logging into Google and changing your password, adding two-step verification if you don’t have that yet. What you need to know! Source Posted earlier via @EDMarketingPro

~~~More aggressive phishing strategies… The bad guys are pressing hard to access more computers to gain access to networks, email lists, etc. Supposed unpaid invoices and undelivered packages are just two examples. Have you had the TALK with your staff about safe emailing? Now is the time.

March 2017 – Steal this idea

~~~Steal this idea… Free Event Banners & Backdrops…Everyone is gearing up for event season. The Great River Economic Development Foundation (IL) offers banners, signs, and backdrops for community organizations for use at Quincy & Adams County events. Organizations can call to schedule use of GREDF’s special events kit. Clever idea to extract value from trade show materials and be visible in the community. Source: Marcel Wagner, CEO, GREDF.

February 2017 – What email address do you list on LinkedIn

~~~What email address do you list in LinkedIn? I see 4 variations among economic developers. Company website, no email; company email only; personal email address only; or, no contact info. What you do probably goes to the heart of how you think of LinkedIn. It is a powerful connecting resource for the business community. Make sure you make yourself available. Share all your contact info.

March 2017 – Speaking of career paths

~~~Speaking of Career Paths… the Many Paths infographic was created by Jerry Hernandez, Monterey County Economic Development for the local Workforce Development Board as an education/recruitment tool. The infographic has embedded links to provide access to additional information and videos for each step. Jerry explained the process during an excellent ProLearning Lab webinar on Infographics. Career Pathways

March 2017 – Training that works

~~~Training that Works … In 2016, $158 billion was spent on corporate training, and yet estimates are that only 15% of those funds lead to new learning that changes behavior and outcomes for individuals and organizations. To improve on your own organization’s training and development, consider a very successful process called the Kirkpatrick Model, which focuses on Reaction, Learning, Behavior and Results in the learning process.

March 2017 – Content marketing in economic development

~~~Content Marketing in Economic Development… “The Northeast Wisconsin Wage and Benefits Study” was announced in a broadcast email by the Fond du Lac County Economic Development. Interested parties were asked to contact the EDC for password access to the study. This type of broadcast email is a solid example of content marketing. Well done Fond du Lac County EDC (WI). The only change we would recommend is a simple request form on the website so the content is available on-demand, 24/7.

March 2017 – Are you taking LinkedIn requests seriously?

~~~Are you taking LinkedIn requests seriously… When you get a LinkedIn connection request, do you click Accept or View Profile? Choose your connections carefully. Are they in your industry? Are they a resource? Are they in the geography you want to be in? Are they providing leadership or fresh ideas? Do they provide access to a new network? Review every prospective connection’s profile BEFORE clicking Accept! Use the ignore (invitation) option liberally.

April 2017

~~~New economic development execs in the region? Share. Click forward and send 13 Tips to someone new to the profession in your state or network.

November 2017 – Potential is frequently found in unexpected places

~~~Potential is frequently found in unexpected places… Do you use your mission statement like blinders, limiting the view of the possible? Or, are you among the 5% who see their mission as a launch point of the possible. For the past six months, I have talked to 50+ people outside my normal network regarding a new manufacturing growth strategy. It has been fascinating to watch 95% say they “love the idea,” BUT “that’s outside our mission,” quickly closing the door. We have seen this behavior before. It is a reality faced by all innovators. Are you open to new ideas or anxious to reject them?

April 2017 – The phone is the new fax machine.

~~~The phone is the new fax machine*… Social media, broadcast email, newsletters and other mass communications devices lull us into thinking we are communicating with clients. Make communications personal. Pick up the phone and call 2-3 client every day just to let them know you were thinking about them. A check-in call, “What’s happening?” can build bonds and create opportunities “Are you working on anything that I may be able to help with?” “Is there something we could do to improve our service to you?” Make an impact. Make it personal. (*under utilized asset)

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