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The value of newsletters has diminished dramatically with the advent of broadcast email and blogging software. Delete, delete, delete is the typical reaction. When we styled Blane, Canada newsletter 13 Tips—formerly Economic Development Marketing Letter—in 1994 we focused on pointed 4-5 lines (Twitter copied this style from us!), providing information that adds value and broadened perspectives.

Desperate for Economic Development for Results?

~~~Desperate… to have a copy of our original book, “Economic Development Marketing for Results!” You’re in luck. We noticed recently there are used copies available on Amazon, $25 to $215. Marketing for Results introduced economic developers to B2B marketing before B2B became popular. Another chapter in the book led directly to the strategy underlying Synchronist Suite’s prime and main street BR|E approach. The book was clearly a forward looking take on economic development still solid today.

Core Values

~~~READ THIS – Core values… that drive Amazon’s success as viewed by Jeff Bezos and capsulized in an article for Inc. Magazine by Thomas Koulopoulos. It could make you a better executive. Winners vs Dreamers. Amazon Letter to Shareholders. Inc. Amazon file:///C:/Users/Eric%20P.%20Canada/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/Downloads/Amazon_AR.PDF

Interesting thing about writing a book

~~~Interesting thing about writing a book… is that you get to ask yourself a lot of questions. Everyone does this. It is often a mindless daily exercise. Having just finished (July 9th release) my book, Economic Development for the Team, I couldn’t accept the easy answer. My audience – the people behind the economic development professional and you their boss– expects more. I expect more. It took a lot of research and legwork to come to grips with sometimes seemingly simple questions like, the “impact of technology on economic development.” It turns out, the answer is multi-faceted. When you put it on paper, answers become real.

Second Career

~~~If you were in a position where you had to choose a new career, what would you do? Share your thinking:


~~~Nothing… is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate. Jon Bon Jovi

Do the unexpected…

~~~Do the unexpected… write a recommendation on LinkedIn for someone who has done a terrific job. Let them know their effort is not unnoticed.

Must see…

~~~Must see… Adidas new SpeedFactory production facilities provides a glimpse into the changes in how manufacturing digitalization will transform supply chains, integrate 3D printing, provide mass customization, and move production closer to the consumer. Check it out. Source: Misti Martin, President, Cherokee Office of Economic Development, GA

Need marketing inspiration…

~~~Need marketing inspiration… pick up a classic – Marketing Imagination by Theodore Levitt, a valued entry on my office bookshelf. Old, but not dated. For example, marketing myopia, a phrase coined by Levitt, addresses a central issue in economic development… a marketing focus on selling the community as a product. When, Levitt argues we should be marketing the community as a solution to a problem the company has. In short. Focus on the benefit, not the feature.

Every community has an abundant, highly skilled workforce

~~~According to your marketing literature… every state and every community has an abundant, highly skilled workforce backed by government sponsored training programs. Yawn. Where is the truth? Site Selection Magazine has hardened the criteria for a battle of state workforce status. See if you agree. 2018 Regional Workforce Development Rankings. Source: Sara Dunnigan, VA


~~~Speaking trends… The 3 trends discussed by site consultants at the Site Selection Guild conference with DCI VALIDATE the forward focused content of Economic Development for the Team. All 3 are discussed in detail in the soon-to-be-published book by Eric P. Canada.

January 2017 – If you are defining the future

~~~If you are not defining the future… you are living in the past. The “replicators” thrive on those in economic development who want to play it safe. Never order a research study without pressing for new and improved methods or more actionable outcomes. Challenge consultants to deliver more. Make that part of the RFQ. Then, refuse to accept the product until they deliver. Press the limits. Far too often economic development consultants deliver low value products because clients do not hold them accountable.

February 2017 – What is your organization’s role

~~~What is your organization’s role… on any given issue? Is it ‘rowing,’ ‘steering,’ or cheering’?” Knowing your strengths is an important first step. Step two, apply your strengths and your organization will amass a record of accomplishment. Finally, don’t be afraid of the passing lane. If something needs to be done and no one is driving the issue, you don’t need anyone’s permission to press ahead. What’s the old saying, “Ask forgiveness, not permission. Source: Glenn Athey, My Local Economy, UK

February 2017 – Measuring success

~~~Measuring success… Check out Chapter 10 in Martin Seligman’s book Flourish. Seligman uses sound research to break from our traditional measures of success in economic development to focus on measures of wealth and well being he calls the “New Prosperity”. With the continued growth of the Freelance Economy (57 million workers in the US and growing), it may be worth your time to understand Seligman’s work.

February 2017 – Outside the box

~~~Outside the box… this qualifies: A pop-up mall constructed out of refitted shipping containers. The containers provide affordable and flexible leases for lifestyle brands, cafes, restaurants and galleries to trade and succeed in the heart of London’s Shoreditch district. By fusing the concepts of modern street food and placing local and global brands side by side a unique shopping and dining destination emerged.

February 2017 – Run with it

~~~Run with it… Valentine’s Day is another opportunity to tell employers how much your organization appreciates them. Why wait? Post an open letter to employers on your website home page. Write a letter to the editor. Send an e-blast calling out employers for their jobs, economic impact, philanthropy, and community engagement. Then, mark your calendar for next year and go big. Plan an event or awards program to recognize employers to coincide with Valentine’s Day Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

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